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Sonobeat celebrates 50 years

Sonobeat's 50th anniversary sale is on

In 2014, we opened up Sonobeat's vaults and digitally remastered and reissued three classic Sonobeat singles by Austin '60s supergroup Lavender Hill Express, including Visions, Watch Out!, and Outside My Window, collecting them into the album Visions on iTunes. And we threw in a previously unreleased track, Trouble. To celebrate Sonobeat's 50th anniversary this summer, the 7 track album is now available in the iTunes Store for just $4.99 (price varies by country).

Tracing the roots of Austin's music scene

Tracing the roots of Austin's music scene

Austin's vibrant music scene today – where you can pick from hundreds of live music performances any night of the week in any genre from Afro-jazz to zydeco – traces its roots directly to the music legends and legacies populating the Austin and Central Texas music scene in the 1960s and '70s. Psychedelic rock, outlaw country, "New Sincerity", and more... all started here. Through its hundreds of audio recordings, Sonobeat is proud to have documented this formative epoch in Austin music.

Welcome to the Sonobeat archives

Welcome to Sonobeat's historical archives

Sonobeat's archives – locked away for decades until Sonobeat Historical Archives first made them exclusively available here in 2004 – hold Sonobeat's hundreds of original master tape recordings, photographs, and documents that provide an evocative flashback to the dynamic and diverse Central Texas music scene from 1967 through 1976, when Austin was just beginning to stake its claim as "The Live Music Capital of the World". Join us on a journey back in time.

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50th anniversary artist profile

LHE: 50th anniversary artist profile

In 1967, two of Austin's hottest bands, The Wig and Baby Cakes, crashed, but rising from the ashes – and adding a member of The Reasons Why – was Austin's first supergroup, Lavender Hill Express. Beginning in late 1967, Lavender Hill Express gave Sonobeat three great singles, Visions, Watch Out!, and Outside My Window. Each track LHE recorded for Sonobeat was unique, often experimental but always entertaining.

Sonobeat Milestones: The '60s

Sonobeat's history unspools in a new feature

In celebration of Sonobeat's 50th anniversary in 2017, we've added a feature that traces Sonobeat's history from its humble beginning in 1967 to its humble ending in 1976 to its rebirth in 2004 through today. A unique scrolling timeline lays out Sonobeat's milestones by year, month, and day, cataloging the Austin- and Central Texas-based record company's highs and lows. Check out Sonobeat's Milestones.

Who's Who

Everyone we're sure Sonobeat recorded

From 1967 to 1976, Sonobeat recorded hundreds of Austin, Central Texas, national, and international singers, songwriters, and musicians. Since launching Sonobeat.com in 2004, we've continuously mined the Sonobeat archives and connected with members of the acts Sonobeat recorded and their families and friends to compile an up-to-date list of the legends who make up Sonobeat's Who's Who.

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